American Committee on Laboratory Animal Diseases

ACLAD will be sponsoring several activities at the 2014 National AALAS Meeting, to be held in San Antonio, Texas October 19-23, 2014
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Wallace P. Rowe Lecture


Pathology Quiz Bowl 2014!

ACLAD Trainee Luncheon 2014!
ACLAD will once again offering a luncheon for trainees and experienced laboratory animal professionals alike. The "speed networking" format ensures that you will maximize your contacts with your current and future colleagues. Come meet new people and share your experiences!

History of the Wallace P. Rowe Lecture

The Wallace P. Rowe Lecture is an invited talk featured at the National Meeting of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS), the premier forum for the exchange of information and expertise in the care and use of laboratory animals.   The Rowe lecture features a speaker who has made significant scientific contributions using animal models and is a strong role model for scientists in the field of Comparative Medicine.  Dr. Rowe was the first scientist to undertake systemic studies of many of the viral infections of laboratory mice; he published over 225 scientific papers between 1950 and 1985 on diseases including Murine Leukemia Virus, SV40, human adenoviruses, and nearly all known viruses of rodents--polyoma virus, thymic virus, reovirus, MHV, LDHV, Theiler’s virus, LCMV , MAV,  RCV and MVM.  The Wallace P. Rowe Memorial Lectureship was established in 1985 to provide an enduring legacy to commemorate Dr. Rowe’s many contributions to laboratory animal science.  The American Committee on Laboratory Animal Diseases (ACLAD) has sponsored the lectureship during the last decade.



ACLAD/RADIL-Sponsored Wallace P. Rowe Lectures at National AALAS Meetings  

1993 Peter Doherty                              Cytotoxic T cells

1994 Diane Griffin                                Acute viral encephalitis

1995 Donald Mosier                              Small animal models of AIDS

1997 Marian Michaels                           Xenozoonoses

1998 Thomas Doetschman                    Genetic engineering in the mouse

1999 Richard Palmiter                          Genetics of behavior

2000 Jerry McGhee                              Murine models for mucosal immunity

2001 Stephen Barthold                         Mouse genomics and veterinarian's role 

2002 Charles Montgomery                   Genetically engineered mouse phenotyping

2003 Duane Gubler                            West Nile Virus in the Western hemisphere

2004 Elliot Jacobsen                            Reptile medicine and research

2005 Herbert W. (Skip) Virgin               Murine Noroviruses       

2006 Robert Sidwell                            Animal models in antiviral research        

2007 Robert Maronpot                         Cancer bioassay: challenges for the future

2008 Linda Toth

2009 Pippa Marrack                             Things we don’t know about vaccines

2010 Samuel Speck                         Herpesviruses: evading and manipulating immune responses

2011 Michael BA Oldstone                     The Anatomy of Viral Persistence

2012 Axel Kornerup Hansen       The Impact of Gut Mircobiota on Rodent Models of Human Diseases


ACLAD/RADIL-Sponsored Scientific Sessions at National AALAS 


1993    Emerging diseases (SIV, Hantavirus, TB)

1994    Genetic resistance to inf. Diseases

1995    Parvoviruses

1997    Rodent health monitoring

1999    Genetically engineered mice

2000    Vaccines

2001    Molecular diagnostics

2002    Genetically engineered mice and infectious diseases

2003    West Nile virus

2004    Emerging infections in wildlife

2005    Primate herpes and retroviruses

2006    Influenza

2007    Infectious agents and cancer

2008    Diabetes


2010    Innate immunity

2011    Prions and Protein Misfolding Disorders: Discoveries from Animal Studies

2012   The Microbiome